How to Find a Local Community

I see this question asked over and over in prepper groups. People want to know how to find like-minded preppers in their local community to connect with but don’t know where to look. Most of these people have already googled “prepper groups near me” or some version of that search term, and found nothing.

These people understand the value and importance in having those local connections. Because if SHTF, you and your family have a much higher chance of survival if you are a part of a larger group that’s working toward the same goal. Yes, being in a large group does bring it’s own set of risks but I’m a firm believer in having a strong community and the benefits that come with it.

There are a few reasons why finding local groups are difficult:

1. There is a stigma placed on preppers by the community at large as being extremists or crazy conspiracy theorists so preppers tend to keep to themselves to avoid the drama that comes with that.

2. One of the “rules” of prepping that is constantly put out there is to keep your preps to yourself so nobody knows what you have. That way you will not be a target when SHTF and people are desperate.

3. There is a large subset of people who are preppers but don’t consider themselves to be such.

And this last reason is where you can start your search for a local community.

The biggest divide between preppers comes when you start to discuss the “why” of prepping. And it’s also one of the reasons people stay away from considering themselves to be preppers.

So start by keeping the “why” to yourself. The reasons that you prep are yours alone. Yes, there is a time and place to discuss these things but you have to consider the fact that discussing the “why” isn’t the most important part of prepping. Actually being prepared for whatever may come is the most important thing.

(*To clarify, I do believe that staying informed is very important but is different from discussing the “why.”)

Next, ask yourself what are the tangible items of prepping? Canning, food preservation, gardening, etc. And this is where you focus your search. Look for local groups that participate in things associated with prepping. And then join those groups.

Not everyone there will consider themselves a prepper but a percentage of them will be there because they have the mindset of a prepper. Get to know these people, share your knowledge, learn from them.

Once you have established a good connection with these people you will know who you could start a more serious conversation with.

And that’s how you find a local community. It’s not the only way but it’s one path toward that goal.

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