Prepper Tips: Your Get Home Route for SHTF

How are you getting home if SHTF happens while you are out? Have you planned your route? The route that you drive may not be the fastest, easiest or safest way home if you are on foot. Take some time this week to figure this out for the three places you visit the most often, if you don’t already know.

And then the next time you go to one of those places make sure to drive home taking your new route so you can see it in person. There may be things along this route that may change your mind about it. And if you’re feeling adventurous, have some one drop you off and then actually walk the route home.

Also, if you have kids in school, do they know how to get home on foot if something happens? In most situations you will probably want them to stay at school until you come and get them but what if it’s a situation where they need to leave? Make sure that every member of your family knows the plan and what to do.

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